Wagons, HO!

Session 5 Into the Depths

into the dungeons where a harpy feared tread

After a night recovering from the many battles of their first foray into Brinewall Castle, the exploration team returned to the keep. Bizarrely enough, many of the corpses they had left in their wake had been mutilated, with limbs, organs, and even heads missing.

Continuing their investigations of the eastern part of the castle, the explorers disturbed a monstrous bat with an agonizing screech, but soon put the beast down. In the chamber below the mobat’s lair, the discovered a macabre workshop where some twisted soul had created horrific sculptures from the flesh and bones of dozens of creatures. As the travelers from Sandpoint were taking in the sight, a strange blur leaped to attack, dealing grievous, poisoned wounds and disappearing into the scattered junk. Eventually, a lucky blow landed and laid the creature low, revealing a tiny, delicate fairy-like creature, apparently the quickling known as Buttersnips.

After searching the area, the heroes pressed on to the slime-covered pond where they had seen the ogre-kin wrestling the prior day. One step too close, and a monstrous, stinking insect grabbed hold of an unfortunate victim and tried dragging them back into the muck. The beast was no match for party’s combined might, however, and was quickly dispatched.

Searching the lower levels, they discovered the lair of the troglodytes, still reeking of the vile reptilians. Strangely, the trogs seemed to have stashed a lovely, jeweled gown in a heap of bedding. There was also a small, mobile plant lurking in the cellar, which attacked the party with squirts of acid. It was no match for a well-armed group of adventurers.

Moving deeper, the explorers ventured into the dungeons beneath Brinewall, where they overheard a heated discussion in Giant. Barging in, they got into a skirmish with a massively muscled ogre and a trio of ogre-kin, led by a cunning and hideous female. Despite the ogre delivering a few massive hits, the travelers proved triumphant.

In one of the cages, they discovered a muscular, scarred Ulfen woman. Despite the lack of a common language, they struck a bargain, of sorts, setting her loose and returning her arms in exchange for her company. Kelda, as she was named, indicated that some great threat lay deeper in the dungeons.

Downward further, the travelers found a large, natural cavern, where a series of cliffs and ledges opened into a vast space. As they traversed the drops, a horrid, gurgling voice cried out, and they were attacked with spells from the darkness.

As the battle moved into the room, and magical light was brought to bear, the enemy was revealed to be a horrid, octopus-like creature, flying around in bat-like wings and unleashing blasts of fire. With a shortage of missile weapons, the party was reduced to chasing after thrown javelins and trying to lure the monster into melee range. The fell beast seemed to have some existential dread, as whenever someone landed a lucky blow, it fled in babbling terror for a few moments before returning to the fight.

Finally, Jebediah transformed into an eagle to take the fight into the air, but unfortunately, the fiend got the better of him, snagging the druid in its tentacles and slowly crushing the life out of him. A lucky javelin finally dropped the beast, but the fall of nearly 50 feet left Jebediah a twisted corpse among the splattered remains of the decapus. Victory, but at a terrible price.

The monster had amassed a fair hoard, including a statuette of a bird-like demon that promised to grant the bearer supernatural charm, but was, in fact, cursed to labor the unfaithful with the weight of their heresy.

Koya likes Samantha better: 400
Ended haunts by slaying Kikonnu: 1800
Slew the mobat: 800
Defeated Buttersnips: 800
Killed a giant toe-biter: 800
Dispatched a phycomid:1200
Conquered Muthilda, Slugwort, Torg, and Glorb: 2800
Rescued Kelda Oxgutter and made an alliance with her: 800
Ended the terror of Nindinzego the Twice-Cursed: 2400

New total: 11,964 XP
Next level: 15,000 XP



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