Wagons, HO!

Session 3 7/13/13


Erastus 18-Arodus 13

After taking a few days to purchase a wagon and lay in supplies, the heroes of the Brinestump Marsh were ready to to set off. However, at the last minute Shine decided that he would rather stay in Sandpoint looking after the Rusty Dragon in Ameiko’s absence. Fortunately, Jebediah Yoder, a friend of Shalelu’s, volunteered to join the expedition, and Jod convinced the eccentric Dr. Wallerbobber to sign on as medical advisor.

The first few legs of the trip were largely uneventful, as they passed through Galduria, Wolf’s Ear, and Roderic’s Cove with nothing worse than some heavy rain to contend with. However, the northern expanses of Varisia proved more dangerous, as the caravan suffered attacks from Nolander raiders and a group of ogre bandits, the latter of whom inflicted severe damage to the caravan before being driven off. A fair amount of plunder was recovered from the outlaws, more than offsetting the costs of repairs.

After close to a month on the road, the caravan finally reached Brinewall Castle. As they traveled the last few miles, Ameiko complained of a headache, and upon catching her first glimpse of the castle itself, collapsed in a faint. Her condition has baffled the combined expertise of Koya, Dr. Wallerbobber and Jebediah, but they have confirmed that she is not suffering from a disease. When the young woman jabbered an odd phrase in Tien, “One Treasure, Two Keys, Three Vault,” Koya suggested that her condition might be somehow connected to the mystery that brought them to Brinewall. Even Samantha’s attempt to use the magical sword Whispering Shrike failed to have any effect.

Sandru suggested that the group fortify the caravan, and split into two groups: one to stay behind to guard and care for Ameiko, the other to investigate the castle itself. While most of the expedition members set to digging in, Winthrope and Shalelu set off to scout the area around the castle.

The scouts discovered that the castle was occupied by at least one creature, a hulking, bird-like creature that Shalelu identified as a Dire Corby, a bloodthirsty race of demon-worshipping savages. They also noted that several buildings in the nearby village seemed to have burned down, and that the there was a fair-sized graveyard nearby. Of more interest was the broken, partially-sunken ship at the wharf, obviously a fairly recent wreck, and the massive corpse of some great creature being fed upon by a flock of seagulls.

Opting to swim the lagoon in order to avoid startling the scavenger birds, Shalelu and the butler found themselves under attack from large and aggressive lobster-like creatures, which grabbed and squeezed the poor halfling mercilessly. Eventually, the scouts triumphed, and managed to get a good look at the carcass that both the seagulls and the lobster-creatures had been picking over: a huge sea-serpent, over 40 feet long, that had apparently been killed by harpoons, one of which was driven almost its full length into the creature’s side.

Shalelu and Winthrope opted to return to the caravan, carrying one of the lobster-creatures, rather than risk further encounters, where Koya’s prayers to Desna soon mended their wounds. Acting on a hunch, Koya also attempted to use Desna’s power to drive out whatever was causing Ameiko’s affliction to no avail. After reporting their findings, Winthrope learned that Ameiko had sat up and delivered another cryptic message, but as nobody at the camp understood Tien, the meaning was lost.

XP Awards

Samantha started a rivalry with Sandru: 200 XP
Samantha strengthened her friendship with Ameiko: 1,200 XP
Winthrope rose in Ameiko’s esteem: 400 XP
Jebediah confirmed his friendship with Shalelu: 400 XP
Persevered through harsh weather without losing time: 200 XP
Defeated Nolander barbarians: 600 XP
Drove off ogre raiders: 800 XP
Slew reefclaws: 800 XP
Story Award for completing the trip to Brinewall Castle: 800 XP

New XP Total: 5014 Welcome to 3rd level!
Next Level: 9000 XP



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