Victim numero uno


Things getting real up north bro! You would not believe the craaaaazy stuff we just saw today at Brinewall! Man, imagine… a flying octopus, 10 tentacles instead of 8, mothereffingCLAWS!!! That thing tore a new one on my friend Jebediah. I mean like TO-UP. I dunno why he went over there to fight it, considering I’m the beef of the group, but whatevs! We brought his body back. Maybe he wants to be reincarnated or something.

We befriended this Azata too. Kinda cool chick, you dig? Powerful healer. Good to have around.

Anyways. Taking a rest before finishing up exploring this castle man. I feel we are close to finding something awesome.


Victim numero uno

Wagons, HO! crobledo