Wagons, HO!

Session 2 6/23/13

rats and old bones

Erastus 7-17 4713

After a few days in Brinestump Swamp, during which they dealt with both the Licktoad goblins and the Brinestump Terror, the party returned to Sandpoint for some well deserved rest and baths. Dr. Wallerbobber seems to have had enough of tromping through mud and dealing with snakes, but a local “deputy” named Jod Vancascerkin offered to accompany Sam, Shine and Winthrope. Enriched by the bounties they had collected for ending the threat of the Licktoad Goblins, they took some time to give gifts to several of their friends, as Sandru, Koya and Shalelu had returned to town and were celebrating the reunion at the Rusty Dragon.

Among the treasures they had discovered in the goblin chief’s lair was a fine silken fan, marred by what turned out to be a rough map of the swamp, with three locations marked. Following advice from Walthus Proudstump, the heroes decided to visit Megus, the swamp witch who claimed the southern half of the Brinestump. However, upon arriving, they found her shack in ruins, occupied by a strange rat creature and its dire rat minions. After eventually dispatching the thing, and collapsing the house, they found what seemed to be Megus’ twisted corpse, as well as some magical scrolls and a fine map of the swamp. The map confirmed that the marks on the goblin-made map were a pair of wrecked ships and a cave in the southern cliff.

Checking out the wrecks, one turned out to be a ship called the Kaijitsu Star, which had been burned to the ground; the other, the Kaijitsu Blossom, was abandoned but for several skeletal undead. The bony warriors were no match for the party’s strength of arms, and were soon dispatched.

Making their way to the cave, the fledgling heroes encountered a monstrous spider and an aggressive slime, but quickly dealt with the threats. The greatest menace in the cavern was a skeletal warrior of some skill, clad in armor of Tien design and wielding a wakizashi with great skill. Soon enough, thanks to Winthrope’s cunning techniques, the undead samurai and his skeletal cohorts were put to rest, and the remaining treasures of the Brinestump Swamp were claimed.

While examining the samurai’s wakizashi, an enchanted weapon called Whispering Shrike, Winthrope discovered a letter concealed within its cracked hilt. Seemingly meant for Ameiko’s father, Lonjitsu, it contained references to some family secret being hidden in the abandoned keep-town of Brinewall. Upon the party’s return to Sandpoint, they gave Ameiko the letter, and after reading it through, she excitedly invited them to accompany her on an expedition to Brinewall, traveling with Sandru’s caravan. She offered to stake 2,000 GP to finance the venture.

XP awards

Defeated the Brinestump Terror: 600 XP
Crushed the ratling Jenkin his his dire rat allies: 1005 XP
Ended a giant leech that tried to suck Dr. Wallerbobber dry: 600 XP
Laid to rest the skeletons at the Kaijitsu Blossom: 405 XP
Wiped out a surprised giant constrictor: 600 XP
Dealt with a giant spider: 400 XP
Destroyed a giant amoeba: 400 XP
Triumphed over Tsutamu and his skeletal minions: 1475 XP
Took care of the last remnants of the Licktoad tribe: 810 XP
Shine befriended Koya: 400 XP
Jod befriended Shalelu: 400 XP
Sam befriended Shalelu: 200 XP
Story Award for giving Rokuro’s letter to Ameiko: 1200 XP

New XP Total: 3664 XP
Next Level: 5000 XP



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